GardeningCrop is made to make the world greeny.

About Us- GardeningCrop

Nowadays it is very difficult to see green in this world of concrete so we have decided to spread green everywhere.

At present, it is not a big deal to buy any dresses or any food items as well as electronics things but do you hear about a platform from which you can get your all gardening accessories including seeds and plants at your doorsteps?

Yes, we are here to make your places green.

Gardening not only decorates your house but also it is good for our health also.

GardeningCrop provides more than 100 products now, all gardening accessories at door-to-door delivery all over India, which can save your precious time.

GardeningCrop is the platform where we gather all kinds of designer pots, gardening tools, different organic seeds as anyone gets complete products from our evergreen platform.

Many urban places where people unable to feel nature, spending their days with ecological surroundings now they can feel the taste.

If you are new at gardening then you can get complete guidance on how you care for your plant throughout our blogs which is easier for you.

In this blog, you can get complete guidance from start to end.

So, believe in us, come and join us, and help us to make the beautiful greeny world

This company is under Petsmaestro.

Address: 3A Balaram Dey Street, Kolkata-700006

How we work

  1. Ordered items are always ready to dispatch for your billings address also.
  2.  The items are packaged in such a way that these items are placed in the proper place, in case of any seeds or plants packaging are done as the plant can breathe. So that those products reach safely at your home.
  3. Give details guidance on how you can use these products.

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