How To Grow Lotus At Home | How To Grow Lotus From Seeds

Hello gardeners, We all know that the Lotus is a very beautiful flower. It is also used in worship and also spiritual work. Some people have a passion for planting lotus seeds from seeds at home to enhance the beauty of their garden. So we all want to know how to grow lotus from seeds.

So, today’s blog is about how to grow lotus from seeds at home.

So, let’s start!

You can buy lotus seeds online. To buy lotus seeds online click here.

How To Plant And Grow Lotus / Kamal Gatta Seeds?

Here is the step-by-step in detail instruction on how to grow lotus from seeds at home. Please do the same as described below to make lotus seeds sprouting.

Germination Process Of Lotus Seeds

  1. First, we have to scratch or break off the lotus seeds which you buy or get.

how to scratch lotus seeds 

Scratch Lotus Seeds
Grow Lotus seeds by scratching first

You can use sandpaper or a file to scratch the lotus seed. You have to scratch the pointed side of the seed until the white portion of those seeds can be seen.

how to break lotus seeds

You can use a nail or hammer to break the lotus seeds until the white portion of those seeds can be seen. But do it carefully so you don’t get hurt.

How to Grow Lotus seeds in water

grow lotus in garden
Grow Lotus seeds in water
  1. After scratching & breaking use a glass and fill it with water and put those Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta seeds into it. You can also use a tub and whatever pots you have. IT is better to put lotus seeds in any glass jar or any transparent one so that you can see the whole process of germination.
  2. After 3 to 4 days you can see the germination will be started from those seeds.
  3. The water in which you soak those seeds should be very clear. No dust particles should be there.
  4. Day by day you can see the sprout increase.

Note: You will be witness to the first leaves within 2-4 weeks.

Germination temperature to grow lotus seeds

The temperature needs to be around 60-90°F for it to germinate

Sunlight requirements for lotus seeds

The plant which is grown from Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta should receive a minimum of 3-4 hours of sunlight a day.

Soil And Pots For Lotus Plants

Lotus flower pot and soil
Grow lotus in pot
  • Generally, your soil should be 2 parts soil and 1 part cow dung.
  • It also makes the root strong.
  • Make sure the container which you choose to grow the lotus plant does not have any drainage holes. 
  • Require Container Size big , and have a wide place as it grows faster. As the leaves of the lotus seeds are big, that is why more space is required to grow the lotus from seeds.

Note: You can remove seedlings from the water after they are obtained 6inches or 15cm long. However, if you try to re-pot them too early, they can be killed.

Harvesting Stage of lotus plants

lotus flower harvesting
Grow lotus plant
  • Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta takes 120 to 140 days to bloom if you take care of plants.
  • After germinating those seeds taken from the water.

Planting And Care of lotus plants

Lotus flower background
Grow lotus plant with care
  • Lotus Seeds/Kamal GattaIf requires as much sunlight as 8 hours a day.
  • You should change the water when it gets dirty.
  • It must be needed to protect the Lotus roots from freezing.
  • Check the pH of the soil before planting lotus seeds in it.
  • Do not use so many fertilizers as it is not good for the lotus plant. It can cause lotus foliage to burn.
  • Keep your pets away from lotus plants when planted.They can spoil beautiful flowers from blooming.

Note: In case, does not bloom you can use our lotus fertilizer ball to boost the growth of the lotus plant and it also brings the buds of the lotus.

Pest Control for lotus plants

Pest on lotus plant
Grow Lotus

Some pests can attack the lotus plant here is the solution,

  • Sometimes it can be seen that many mosquitoes breed in this water so that you can use Gapi fish.It eats larvae of those mosquitoes.
  • Sometimes it can be seen that leaves are rotten, it can occur for lack of sunlight , if you do not place the lotus plants full of sunlight it can be happened.
  • Much of the time, sucking bugs are effortlessly eliminated from the leaves of your water lotus with a solid shower of water, which additionally cleans away the honeydew they abandon.

Best way to control pests on lotus plants

Pest on lotus plant
Grow lotus without pest attack

The leaves which are affected would curl and turn yellow, and also buds will not come, it can rot below the surface. The lotus plant can die from this as leaving a stinky wreck. For that, we have to only give the fungicides.

If it does not work the best option is to remove the plant. Change the whole potting mix.

Here, some pest and name of the Diseases

  1. If you see any rotted root that means it is affected by Spider mites.
  2. If you notice Black spots on leaves  that means it is affected by Spider mites.
  3. If you notice there are many whiteflies that means it is affected by fungal disease , you should use fungicides powder.
  4. If leaves turn yellow :  it occurs due to lack of nitrogen in the soil.
  5. If growth of the plant slow : it occurs due to lack of Phosphorus in the soil.
  6. If the color of the  leaf tips turn pink,and edges turn brown : it occurs due to lack of Potassium in the soil.

Is the lotus plant edible?

As you know Lotus is an herbaceous perennial aquatic flowering plant in the family of Nelumbonaceae. Seeds can be eaten. And also leaves, flower buds, stalks, and roots also can be eaten. Many delicious recipes can be made from those.

How to care for lotus plants in the winter season?

Make sure the root does not freeze, keep the plants in the morning sunlight.

Medicinal use of lotus Plants

Medicinal uses of lotus | Grow Lotus
Grow Lotus for medical benefits
  • The flowers, seeds, leaves, and stem of the plants  are used to make medicine. It has huge benefits in medical science.
  •  It can be used for adding flavour to beverages.
  • It can reduce your acne.
  • Help in  inflammation.
  • The stem of the lotus plant is full of vitamin C.
  • One of these minerals is potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure.
  • Research says,  an organic thing of lotus plants can be used to kill  the spread of cancer cells. 

Vastu on Lotus Plants

Lotus care
Grow lotus to maintain the Vastu at your home

Lotus is associated with Maa Laxmi, Maa Kali, Narayan of the Hindu religion. It is the sign of purity, wealth, peace. It is used to offer to god or goddess. You can keep a lotus plant in front of the house. It is one of the most important Vastu plants for the home.

Where To Buy Lotus Plants? | Where To Buy Lotus Seeds?

You can buy lotus seeds online. To buy lotus seeds online click here.

You can Grow Lotus plants from Seeds at home watching this video

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