How To make Vermicompost at Home From Kitchen Waste

Want to know how to make vermicompost at home from kitchen waste? If yes! then you have landed on the right place.

In this article we will learn How to make organic Vermicompost fertilizer at home, this simple process is smell free and easy to implement.

In order to make Vermicompost, you simply need a container. It can be anything from a bucket to a normal dustbin or a gardening pot. make sure to make some holes at the bottom so as to let some air in easily. A Shallow tub or tray to collect the drain water.

How To Make Vermicompost?

To prepare the most nutrient compost we will require these ingredients

Vermicompost ingredients

Eggshells- Eggshells are made out of calcium carbonate, calcium helps the plant to develop a strong cellular structure. 

Eggshells-How To Make Vermicompost
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How To Make Vermicompost At Home with eggshells

Neem leaves- Neem leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, and help to increase plants’ resistance to pest attacks.

neem leaves
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How To Make Vermicompost At Home with neem leaves

Garden soil- Garden soil will keep the bad smell away and it will fasten the composting process.

Garden soil
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How To Make Vermi-compost At Home with Garden soil

compost- compost will introduce bacteria and earthworms which will fasten the decomposing process.

How to make a a compost at home
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banana peels- banana peels at potassium as well as a small amount of Nitrogen Phosphorus and magnesium.

banana peels
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How To Make Compost At Home with banana peels

Kitchen waste- green Kitchen waste is high in nitrogen and helps to activate the heat process. 

Kitchen waste
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How To Make vermiCompost At Home with Kitchen waste


In order to help compost break down faster, shred kitchen waste since it takes longer for larger pieces to break down, this will speed up the time it takes to make compost.

You can also add wood-chips, straw or hay, shrub prunings, pine shredded paper or new paper coffee Grounds, and other things.

layered the bottom of the container with 1 inch of gardening soil and after that one inch of compost to start the pile, which will help to introduce the correct bacteria. The best place to start composting is outdoors, but you can even start the process inside your home.

The best kitchen scraps to add to your compost pile are those Fruit and vegetable scraps because they break down quickly and do not attract rodents and insects, in the same way, that animal products do.

Green material which is high in nitrogen is used to activate the heat process in your compost, add crushed eggshells to add calcium and other minerals in the compost,

Add Neem leaves to the mix as it will add antibacterial properties to your compost.

Repeat the process and add multiple layers of Kitchen waste compost, need leaves, compost, and soil are respectively. all the items should come into contact with one another and should be laid down in their layers that are only a few inches deep.

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How To Make Vermicompost At Home with earthworms

To fasten the process we will use normal gardening soil and composite. compost will also introduce earthworms in the mixture which will help the mix to decompose quickly. Garden soil will keep the bad smell away and it will fast and the composting process.

Press the mix with your hand to compress it,so that  all the items should come into contact with each other. To avoid any spills place a shallow tray /container underneath  the container.water the mix thoroughly.

keep the container in full sunlight as in the sun waste will break down quickly but it will need more water.

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How To Make vermiCompost At Home

Reuse the collected rainwater as it contains useful bacteria and essential nutrients, keep the drainage pot underneath the container for at least 10 – 15 days.

Whenever the Vermicompost pile starts to dry up and more water to it. 

Vermicompost every day dig properly is a good idea to make sure to compost on a regular basis as it helps to increase the growth of the right kind of bacteria that will have the compost to decompose firster. 

make sure the mixture stays moist but not too wet, turn your Vermicompost make sure to air to the max this helps to speed up the composting process.

 At this stage you can easily see some earthworms in the Vermicompost they will make the Vermicompost more porous and will turn the waste into fertilizer. Too fast the process covers the whole bean with the lid or simply covers it with dry leaves. Covering helps retain moisture and heat to Essentials for compost.

It usually takes about 2-3 months for the Vermicompost to be made depending on the weather conditions and the content. After 60 to 70 days your compost is ready to be used in the garden.

Once the Vermicompost is ready to separate out all the leaves, you can store your Vermicompost in poly bags or a simple bag. keep the bags away from direct sun.

Add compost to your plants in small proportions to provide them with nutrients that help them thrive and flourish. Making Vermicompost correctly will allow you to feed your plans essential nutrients and make your soil more fertile all while using items that would otherwise go into your trash. 

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