How to Plant Tomato Seeds | Tomato Seeds to Germinate at Home

Want to know How to Plant Tomato Seeds and Tomato Seeds to Germinate at Home?

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In today’s blog, we’ll learn how to plant tomato seeds and grow them from store-bought Tomatoes, first, we’ll take a ripe tomato.

Usually, tomatoes that we bring from the market ripens at our homes within a couple of days, so you want to take one such tomato and scoop out the seed portion from the tomato like this and once you scoop out the seed portion from the tomato you need to separate the seed from the clump on which the seeds are stuck.

Like this with your hand or you can use a spoon and then drop those seeds in a cup.

You see there are some jelly-like formations and I’ll separate them and to separate them you need to add some water in this jelly-like clump and stir the mixture thoroughly.

Water dissolves most of that jelly around the seeds and if you don’t do this you will actually hinder the germination process of these seeds.

So I will repeat this process three times and after that, I will pour the seeds along with the water in which they were dissolved in a glass container and I will stir it once again.

How to Plant Tomato Seeds | Tomato Seeds to Germinate at Home
How to Plant Tomato Seeds | Tomato Seeds to Germinate at Home

I have changed the water thrice as I said and this is the fourth time I have added water in this and the water is more or less clear.

You see the jelly is gone and once I stir it in a glass or a bowl like this I am going to take some cling film and I am going to cover the mouth of the glass. you can take a container that has a lid on it and you can do the procedure.

I am just doing it with a glass and you keep it like this in your house for around a week and after a week you will see the seeds have settled towards the bottom of the container in which you have kept them.

Okay so after a week it’s time to clean the seeds, so I’ll take the seeds out from the container and there’s a very pungent smell that comes out because the seeds have been fermenting in the glass, so I’ll strain out the seeds from the liquid using a strainer.

I will discard the water and then I’ll use some fresh clean water to clean the seeds once again like this. Using a strainer helps a lot. So you need to clean the seeds like this, use your thumb to rub out any leftover jelly that is required around the seed and this step is very very crucial otherwise the germination time will be lengthened.

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How to grow tomato plants from seeds?

How to Plant Tomato Seeds | Tomato Seeds to Germinate at Home
How to Plant Tomato Seeds | Tomato Seeds to Germinate at Home

See the seeds look like this after drying and now it’s time to plant them or sow them. I have taken plain garden soil over here and I will moisten the soil first like this, not too much you don’t need to make it very soggy just bare minimum and then the seeds that I had sun-dried and placed in a Zip-lock bag I’ll take them out like this and then I’ll sprinkle them on the surface of the soil.

You should try and space out the seeds as much as you can okay so that each seed gets enough space to grow and mature as a tomato seedling and you need to lightly press the seed down on the soil.

How to grow tomato plant?

So press them down but not too much don’t push them right into the soil and after you have pressed them down lightly with your finger like this what you need to do is you need to take fine soil very fine soil and put a layer of the soil above the seeds that you have just scattered and sprinkled over the soil surface.

This helps and prevents birds from picking on the seeds and it also gives enough support to an emerging seedling to come out. Now you need to moisten this top layer of soil again and then use a polybag like this and secure it around the pot like this and keep it in a very very brightly lit area.

How to Plant Tomato Seeds | Tomato Seeds to Germinate at Home

This is to ensure that there is a greenhouse effect which helps to germinate the seeds faster seedlings are right beside this tomato seed pot and see after five days the first seed heads have started emerging see this white strand over here and all these white specks on the soil you see are just the seed heads from the tomato seedlings.

Tomato seedlings readily germinate provided you do the step that I have shown you right before sowing the seeds in the soil.

How long does a tomato plant take to grow?

So this is after seven days, you need to keep the pot covered all this while with the plastic and after seven days you see the seedlings are slowly emerging.

At this point you need to remove the plastic wrap otherwise the seedlings might just rot. okays this is it.

This is that simple and after another say three weeks this is the outcome. Tomato seedlings grow very fast and they are very hardy so once you can kick-start the procedure you will be able to get seedlings like this.

How long does it take a tomato plant to grow?

Stage Of PlantTime
Seed to Seedling Stage7 – 10 Days
Flowering Stage11 – 40 Days
Fruiting Stage41 – 60 Days
Ripening Stage61 – 80 Days
How to Plant Tomato Seeds | Tomato Seeds to Germinate at Home

Few varieties of tomato plants are producing fruit 50-60 days after planting them in the ground.. Depend on your seed and soil quality. Tomato warm-season plants temperature must be required>55 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Plant Tomato Seeds | Tomato Seeds to Germinate at Home
How to Plant Tomato Seeds | Tomato Seeds to Germinate at Home

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Stay tuned for my next blog in which I show you how to transplant these seedlings thank you so much for visiting my blog, take care, and happy gardening.

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