how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home

how to grow strawberries

Hey, guys welcome to Gardening Crop and I hope you are doing really very well now in today’s blog I am going to discuss the easiest way to grow the strawberries in a container.

I know that many of you already thinking that growing strawberry is a somewhat difficult task but please trust me it’s not and you can grow them very easily.

how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home
how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home

how to plant strawberry seeds?

It is easy to plant strawberry from seed, it’s much more easily and effective to purchase plants from nursery or bare roots.

How to plant strawberry seeds from fruit?

It’s very easy, almost 200 seeds are available in any strawberries. So, if you can collect a strawberry in the shop then you can collect the seeds and grow strawberries at home easily.

strawberry seeds remain on its outer surface of the fruits not inside. So, you can easily collect the outer layer and keep it aside in full sun for 3 days, after 3 days seeds are ready for planting.

Strawberry seeds germination in a pot?

I will use a plastic container of a biscuit. if you haven’t this type of container, then you can use any type of jars or plastic bottle also. But you have to keep in mind that strawberry seeds are very water sensitive. don’t give excess water in it. So, you have to make a drainage hole in this container.

Strawberry seeds germination Soil

Now, let’s talk about its soil mixture. To grow strawberries from seed I am using cocopeat and sand in equal amount, Strawberry seeds are very sensitive to humidity. It needs hot and humid conditions. But it doesn’t like waterlogged conditions. You must drill some drainage holes but sealed to remain some humidity.

Now, I am filling my sand and cocopeat mixture which is my soil mixture for growing strawberry seeds. I always use my seed growing media in inorganic form

Because, if you add compost in your soil mix for growing seeds, it attracts fungus, some insects, etc. That definitely harms your seeds.

Strawberry seeds germination Process:

how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home
how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home

To collect seeds, I am just rubbing the upper surface of the peel. Small granules are the seeds of strawberries.

You can collect around 200 seeds from a single strawberry. It is very simple to grow seeds. But you have to know the exact conditions. If you go to some banquets, then you can easily collect strawberry pieces from ice cream, salad, etc. Just wrap it in tissue paper and bring it home.

You have collected some free seeds! Now start your seed germination process.

I am keeping the container in my greenhouse. If you don’t have a greenhouse then you can keep it in semi-shade, Look at the result after 10 days. Small seedlings are coming out. It is very simple also, but you have to give water every day and have to take great care.

The rate of germination is very low in the conventional method. But if you use my closed container method you will get a 90-100% germination rate. And you don’t have to give water to plant and all that until you see the results. So, it is up to you,

You can easily grow strawberries in this method. You can collect a strawberry from a strawberry plant /purchase plants from the nursery.

so here is one of mystrawberrysaplingswhichi collected from the nursery todayi am going to repot it but beforere-poting I would like to inform you

two very important things the first one is seeing you can definitely grow strawberries from the seeds but it might take a minimum of one year to harvest if you want to grow from the seeds however please also note that it highly depends on the varieties.

how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home
how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home

strawberry plant ideal temperature | What month is best to plant strawberries?

you are growing on second the ideal temperature to grow the strawberry is between 20 to 29 degrees Celsius and that’s why it’s grown in the wintertime in India and summertime in the USA/UK if you want to grow the strawberries then you can start growing from around October to November (India) / June to July (USA/UK) for the pot.

how to plant strawberry roots in a pot?

I am going to use an 18-inch container but again please note that strawberries have really cello root system and that’s why many people grow them in many cello containers so you can grow them in hanging pots if you want to and you can also use a six-inch of the container as well because most of the strawberry roots grow no more than 6 inches deep and do not exceed 12-inch keep strawberries need slightly acidic soil and for my potting soil mix.

how to ready strawberry plant Soil?

how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home
how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home

I am doing this way three different components inequal part where one part is normal garden soil second part is coco peat and the third part is vermicompost also note that my normal garden soil is the somewhat sandy type and this is the ideal soil type for the strawberries if you are going to use the clay soil that time you are not going to get a good result the next process is really very straight forward.

I am just going to repot my plant and I hope you can just follow means. You can see my plant has already started flowering and very soon it’s also going to produce the fruits that’s why I said you it’s really very easy to grow the strawberries even though you were thinking otherwise so here you go and you can see the fruits already now let us discuss few important things so that you know what to do with your plants

sunlight required for strawberry plant

so first one is sunlight see strawberries need a minimum of eight hours of full sunlight so please try to provide the maximum amount of sunlight you canon second proper watering please try to keep the soil consistently most similar to this one and this is something I do with my strawberries again please don’t let the topsoil completely dry out similar to this one.

How to Protect your strawberry plant?

As you are looking here you can see birds are already attacking my plants but anyway it’s not a big deal for me and let them eat few fruits too but if this real concern. you can use the antibiotic net to protect your plants you are going to find the antibiotic net on Amazon. So this is the final result after 58days and you can see

Harvesting the strawberries

I can harvest some more strawberries have been harvesting the strawberries on regular basis and you can also see flowers are still there so it’s going to produce some more fruits in the coming few days so how about fertilizing your strawberry plants all right let me show you what I am going to do as a preparation for 2021.

And whatever I am showing you right now all these were recorded in2020from February to April this is how the same strawberry plant is looking almost after eight months and also note that.

it’s really difficult to save the strawberry plants in the summertime and it’s because of the high temperature in my place but anyway I am glad that my plant survived and today I am going to start the preparation for 2021so I am going to fertilize my plant today and let me show you what I am going to do I also got a runner.

how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home
how to plant strawberry | grow strawberries at home

how to make strawberries grow bigger?

Here as you can see and we can understand it uh saying it as a new seedling before applying the fertilizers I am going to pull out the runner from this spot and then I will be transplanting the runner in some other container here are the fertilizers that

I am going to apply am taking 15 grams of mustard cake powder but I know that it may not be available in your place so instead of mustard cake powder you can use either blood meal or fish symbolism fertilizer the second component is 15 grams of rock phosphate instead of rock phosphate you can also use bone meal and on third, I am going to add 50 grams of vermicompost please note that one teaspoon is almost equal to 5 grams

Next, it’s time to apply the fertilizers and for that, I am simply going to loosen up the surrounding soil a bit applying the fertilizers and then spreading it evenly you can also see I lost some soil from the pot already and that’s why I’m going to add some fresh oil on the top that’s it and next it’s time to water so guys this is all about how easily you can grow the strawberries at your home.

How many seeds are in a strawberry?

The average 200 seeds are in one Strawberry. Strawberry is the only fruit that wears its seeds on the outside.

Plant strawberries with a slice of strawberry?

Almost 200 seeds are available in any strawberries. So, if you can collect the seeds from Strawberries Slice and grow strawberries at home easily.

Can you plant strawberries in a metal pot?

Yes you can plant Strawberries In A Metal Pot.

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