5 Inch Hexagonal Plastic Planters (Terracotta Color) (Set of 6)


Embossed with a brick pattern, this Hexagon shaped planter is extremely enduring. Finished with high-quality plastic. If you wish to plant directly into this, do not forget to drill a hole at the bottom of the pot.

✪ Used For – Gardening                        ✪ Dispatch in 5-7 days
✪ Over 499 Free Delivery                     ✪ Country of origin: India


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5 Inch Hexagonal Plastic Planters (Terracotta Color) (Set of 6)

Designed to bring color and vibrancy to your garden. Makes your plant growing more fun. This pot has hidden groves for better grip and enhanced handling. Plant in this pot directly as a primary pot or place this in a pot cover. This is a  highly durable pot.


Product Type: Standard Grower Planter                                        ✪ Self Watering: No
Product Material: Plastic                                                                  ✪ Height: 3 Inch
Product Color: Terracotta Color                                                       ✪ Diameter: 5 Inch (Outer)
Product Finish: Gloss Finish                                                             ✪ Diameter: 4.5 Inch (Inner)
Product Shape: Hexagonal                                                              ✪ Pot / Planter capacity: 750ml-800ml
Product Uses: Table Top / Indoor / Outdoor / Terrace                   ✪ Drainage Holes: 0 (Have to make holes)

In the Box

5 Inch Hexagonal Plastic planters / Pots: 6Pc

Used for

Plant saplings, Plant cuttings, Cactus, and all types of indoor and outdoor small plants.


Wipe out with a soft and dry cloth, store in a clean and dry place, handle with firm hands.

Decorative Ideas

Hexagonal Pots Decor

Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm


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