Adenium seedlings / Desert Rose seedlings / Adenium Obesum seedlings

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The Adenium Plant / Desert Rose Plant is a shameless little individual, who sets up a hardened contest for each houseplant in the camera-ready office. Its bulbous stems (caudices) and pretty pink blossoms will add idiosyncratic and exquisite air to your space. It’s a simple to-develop plant, that will occupy your space with sprouts in radiant pink that stay in blossom for a long while.

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Adenium seedlings / Desert Rose seedlings / Adenium Obesum seedlings

The Adenium Obesum is a nervy little individual, who sets up a hardened contest for each houseplant in the visually appealing office. Its bulbous stems (caudices) and pretty pink blossoms will add eccentric and exquisite air to your space. It’s simple to develop the plant, that will occupy your space with blossoms in dazzling pink that stay in sprout for a long while.

✪ Plant Name : Adenium Seedlings / Desert Rose Seedlings
✪ Plant Type : Indoor & Outdoor
✪ Common Names : Desert Rose, Adenium ,edeniyam (एडेनियम) , Adyāḍēniẏāma (অ্যাডেনিয়াম) , Aṭiṉiyam (அடினியம்), Sabi star, kudu, mock azalea, Impala lily
✪ Botanical Name : Adenium obesum
✪ Family : Dubius
✪ Synonyms : Desert Rose
✪ Plant Height : 2-4 inch
✪ Pot Size : No Pot
✪ Difficulty Level : Easy to Grow
✪ Suitable Growing Location : Bright outdoors/ indoors
✪ Plant Growth Rate : Fast
✪ Required Sunlight : Bright to medium light
✪ Required Watering : Water it when the soil is dry
✪ Maintainance : Low Maintainance
✪ Special Features : Flowering


how to care for adenium seedlings

how to grow adenium seedlings?

  • Soil type: Any type of garden soil can be used to sow Adenium seedlings. Soil should be mixed with cocopeat and compost.
  • Temperature: Adenium seedlings need sunny weather and the temperature near around  21°-35°C.
  • Season: All the season is good for sowing Adenium seedlings but summer is the best season to grow it.
  • Watering: While germinating you have to give a small amount of water regularly but do not overwater. water should not stand on the seedling tray. Water must not stand in the pot it can be harmful.  


Note: Keep the seedling tray shaded till the seeds germinate.

How To Make Soil For Adenium Seedlings / Desert Rose

At first, You can use only a few things to grow seedlings

  • vermicompost: 50%
  • coco-peat : 50%

You can only river sand in case you have not above things.

Note: Must use fungicides powder while potting adenium seedlings

You should make the soil this way-At first take,

  • Soil – 25%
  • Sand – 25%
  • Vermi Compost – 25%
  • Brick pieces -25%
  • Stone Chips- 25%
  • Cocopeat – 100/150 grams per tub
  • Bone dust- 100/150 grams per tub

 Mixed those compositions very well. It is the most needed thing to sow Adenium Obesum Seeds / Desert Rose.


  • All types of sand can be used.
  • The sand which is needed to build houses that sand is appropriate for making the soil.
  • Compost can be eggshell, leaf, cow dung, wastage of kitchen, etc.
  • In case you do not have any pieces of bricks you can use stone chips.
  • In case you do not have bone dust, you can use powder of eggshells around 3 to 4tablespoonss.
  • After mixing very well above compositions your soil is ready to sow Adenium Seeds / Desert Rose seeds.
  • RememberAdenium Seeds / Desert Rose seeds do not require more soil to germinate.



How To Water

  • Remember do not water it so frequently.
  • Adenium Plant can be damaged by giving water regularly.
  • In the rainy season high possibility of death of the adenium tree so please keep it in a shaded place.
  • When you can see that the soil is dry then only you should water them otherwise not.
  • Use a water spray bottle to give water to the plant.


Indoor Care

  • Adenium seedlings are mainly an outdoor plant but if you want to grow it indoors then you need to take it to such a place where the plant gets direct sunlight.
  • You should sow Adenium Seeds / Desert Rose seeds  1/4 to 1/2 inch deep and the gap between two seeds near about 4 to 5 inches apart.
  • 12 hours of light is needed to grow that’s for so use grow light or fluorescent light.


How to Repot an Adenium Seedlings / Desert Rose Seedlings

Security first! Wear gloves while dealing with this plant, as it oozes a sap that is considered noxious!

  • Search out a compartment that is 1 to 2 inches (2.5-5 cm.) more extensive in distance across than your past one. Simply be certain that the compartment picked has great seepage to give the desert rose the dry roots it likes. Thick-walled, bowl-molded compartments are recommended since these style pots not just give space to the roots to spread out however have a shallowness about them which permits the soil to dry all the more rapidly.
  • You might utilize any kind of pot like mud, fired, or plastic; nonetheless, mud pots might be thought, as they retain overabundance dampness from the dirt, decreasing the potential for root decay. Utilize a preparing blend planned for prickly plants or succulents or utilize normal gardening soil blended in with equivalent parts perlite or sand to guarantee the dirt is well-depleting.
  • When repotting desert rose plants, ensure the dirt is dry before tenderly eliminating the desert rose from its pot. The extraction might demonstrate simpler in the event that you prop the compartment on its side and have a go at squirming the plant free with a firm hang on the foundation of the plant. On the off chance that the holder is pliable, like plastic, attempt tenderly crushing the sides of the compartment as this will likewise assist with cajoling the plant free. Then, at that point, while holding the plant by its base, contribute some time eliminating the old soil from around and in the middle of the roots.
  • The interaction to energize an over-the-ground bulbous caudex is alluded to as “lifting.” However, it isn’t prescribed to begin lifting and uncovering the caudex until your plant is somewhere around three years of age. Assuming your plant is of the right age, you will need to arrange the plant so it sits an inch or 2 (2.5-5 cm.) higher over the dirt line than it did already.


Note: Get your plant into position in its new pot and afterward inlay it with soil, fanning out the roots as you go. Try not to water the plant for a week or somewhere in the vicinity subsequent to repot to guarantee that any harmed attaches have had the opportunity to appropriately mend and afterward step by step continue your ordinary watering routine.

Pest Control

  • It can be attacked by fungus.
  • Please use fungicides powder as SAAF.



  • Pruning can be done any time of the year except during monsoon and winter.
  • Please use fungicides powder after pruning.


Harvesting Stage

  • Use fungicides powder in case of any diseases and while potting use a good amount of organic fertilizer like cocopeat.
  • You can pluck adenium directly from the plants but you should pluck gently.
  • you can pluck adenium with any other gardening tools, it will re-grow again.
  • It can vary the harvesting time depends on the quality of the seeds.


 Some plants reduce to bloom flowers after many times

  • This is only for using chemical fertilizer.
  • At first, the soil is good but after some time pot’s soil getting worse.
  • As per result, the roots can not be spread.
  • So please use organic fertilizers always.


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    Seedlings are dead

    The delivery is too late and the seedlings are dead. My expected delivery was on Friday and i got them on Sunday. I don’t know if they will grow ir not.

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    It is better to have a little soil at the root of the plant

    It is better to have a little soil at the root of the plant

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    Good healthy plants received..

    Received good and healthy plants..

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