Urea Fertilizer – 1Kg

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Urea compost gives nitrogen, which helps in green verdant development that makes your nursery look rich as well as for photosynthesis 100% Water Soluble Nitrogen manure. Manures for garden urea, a white translucent strong holding back 46% nitrogen, is generally utilized in the farming business as an animal feed added substance and compost here we talk about it just as a nitrogen compost. Urea manures for home plants give a phenomenal impact on general plant development, empowers the development of shoots/leaves, and work on the timeframe of realistic usability of the produce.

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Urea Fertilizer

What Is Urea Fertilizer?

Urea is the main nitrogenous manure on account of its high N content (46%N). The fundamental capacity of Urea manure is to give the plants nitrogen to advance green leaf development. In the event that can make the plants look rich, and it’s essential for the photosynthesis of plants.

How Urea Works?

  • Plants can not directly take urea the way you spread it across your garden, potting mix.
  • All things being equal, plants utilize the results delivered as urea begins to separate.
  • Urea at first separates as ammonium, then, at that point, transforms into nitrate. This breakdown starts the very next time you start to spread the urea fertilizer, which is the reason you should work quickly to fuse it into the dirt, ideally inside two days.
  • The ammonium may be delivered as a gas if the granules sit on top of the surface, lessening the measure of material that transforms into accommodating nitrate in the dirt.

How to apply urea?

You can apply urea at the hour of planting. It ought not to interact with the seeds. It likewise can be applied as a top dressing.
Since Urea is exceptionally Nitrogen-concentrated, it needs to be mixed with potting soil or garden soil, or sand before its application.
Urea need not be applied when the dirt contains free water or is liable to stay wet for three or four days after application.
You can mix it with other fertilizers also.

When should urea be applied?

Apply urea fertilizer on turf crops when climate temperature is under 60° F. When broadcasting urea on soils of high pH (above 7.5), consolidate the material into the dirt straightaway.

Will urea burn plants?

Urea fertilizer can’t be utilized straight by plants however it is directly changed over into ammonia salts on contact with water in the dirt. Nonetheless, in case there is an excess of urea or ammonium in the dirt it will coax the water out of the roots and cause ‘manure consume’. For that leaves can be dyed and it can also help to kill the entire plant.

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