Cow Dung Compost For Plants

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Premium Quality Cow Dung Compost For Plants

“GardeningCrop cow dung compost fertilizer” is produced using unadulterated desi cow dung compost. Cow waste compost is wealthy in essential macronutrients that are N-P-K which are extremely fundamental for the plant’s development. It additionally contains helpful microorganisms which similarly add to the improvement of soil well-being and development of the plant. The fine-finished cow compost is an extremely powerful regular manure. Just by blending the cow compost fertilizer with the dirt, we can improve the ripeness and dampness holding limit of the dirt. Treated the soil cow excrement fertilizer is improved with numerous useful microorganisms that convert soil supplements into an effectively open structure for the underlying foundations of plants and help in simple ingestion.

Benefits of our Cow Dung Compost

  • 100% organic and chemical-free. Good choice to save our mother earth from harmful chemicals
  • Adds a good amount of organic matter to the soil
  • Enriches the soil fertility 
  • Improves the soil health and moisture retention capacity
  • Contains essential nutrients which promote the healthy growth of the plants
  • Beneficial bacterias present in the manure loosens the compact soil, it improves aeration  

Directions to use

  1. Loosen the topsoil up to 2-3 inches in depth without disturbing any roots of the plant
  2. Add 30 – 50 grams of  cow manure per plant near the root zone for better results
  3. Water the plants after applying cow manure to mix it thoroughly with the soil
  4. Add cow manure to the plants once in 15 – 20 days.

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Cow Dung Compost

Cow Dung Compost For Plants

49.00149.00 (-69%)