Premium Quality Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta

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Premium Quality Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta

  • Easy to Grow – Can be grown in Indian climate/weather conditions.
  • Germination rate minimum -70% to 90%.
  • Best in class germination, Fresh Seeds.
  • Please keep seeds in an air-tight container when not in use.
  • Keep a safe distance from children.

Seeds Specifications

Seeds Per Packet 15 Pcs
Common Name
Lotus, kamal(कमल), Komol (কমল), Padma (পদ্মা), Tāmarai(தாமரை).
Botanical name Nelumbo nucifera
Nelumbonaceae (Lotus family)
Blooming Time Summer
Difficulty Level Easy to grow
Germinate Temperature 32-35°C
Germinate Time 4-5 Days

How To Plant And Grow Lotus?

Germination Process

Germination Process Of lotus Seeds

  • At first, Scratch the Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta with sandpaper. You can use a hammer you should crack those seeds very lightly.
  • You should hit or scratch Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta by the dimple side of those seeds until the inner white portion of the seeds you can see but be careful do not hit the white portion of those seeds.
  • Use a jar/glass and fill it with water and put those Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta seeds into it.
  • After 3 days you can experience that a newly grown plant from a seed.
  • Do not use the same water, change it regularly.

Soil and pots for lotus plant

  • To grow Lotus Plant must be used with a good amount of cow dung and soil and compost.
  • It also makes the root strong.
  • Require Container Size 17 inches.

Harvesting Stage

  • Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta take 120 to 140 days to bloom if you take care of plants.
  • After germinating those seeds taken from the water.
  • Add cow-dung and soil together very well and sown the germinated seeds there.
  • You can add few Gappi fish to avoid mosquitoes and flies.
  • The wastage of Gappi fish enhances the nutrition of the soil.
  • Water them once a week.
  • After few days you can see the growth of the lotus plant.

Germination Process

How To Water

  • Change the water 30% once a week if the water contains more dust then you can change 50% water once a week.
  • Do not add any kind of chemical products into the water if you keep Gappi fish.
  • Do not keep the water directly to the sunlight as it can harmful to plant.
  • Algee is good for fish, but it contains more algee then please remove it can also harm the plants.

Planting And Care

  • Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta is good in the sunlight.
  • You should change the 30% water once a week.
  • Be careful while giving fertilizers as the new growth and growing tip can be damaged.
  • It must be needed to protect the Lotus roots from freezing.
  • Using organic fertilizer after germinating those seeds.
  • Do not use so many fertilizers as it is not good for the lotus plant. It can cause lotus foliage to burn.

Note: The plant which is grown from Lotus Seeds/Kamal Gatta should receive a minimum of 3-4 hours of sunlight a day.

Germination Process

Indoor Care

  • It is mainly an outdoor plant but if you want to grow it indoors then you need to take it such a place where the plant gets direct sunlight.
  • You should sow Lotus 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep and the gap between two seeds near about 4 to 5 inches apart.
  • 3-4 hours of light is needed to grow that’s for so use grow light or fluorescent light.

Pest Control

  • Some pests can attack the lotus plant but if we use chemicals it is harmful to both fishes and plants.
  • So, by covering gardening gloves throw that pest down.


Benefits of Lotus

  • Lotus /Kamal is very good for diarrhea.
  • It can lower blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • It is totally use for astringent, emollient, and diuretic.
  • Lotus /Kamal spreads beautiful fragrances all over the home as it keeps surrounding hygiene.
  • Generally, the Lotus flower is a symbol of peace and eternity. It brings prosperity to your family.


Common Problems

  • Both over and under watering can kill your plants: For overwatering root can be rotten and for giving less water, the plant can dry.
  • Lotus plants are not blooming: It is caused by two problems is under-watering.
  • Leaves of Lotus plants turn Yellow: These problems can arise cause of lack of watering and the second one is lack of nitrogen in the soil.

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    Lotus seed

    I’ve got 13 lotus seed germination. 1 is broken by my fault, and 1 did not germinate. I love the product. The price is also much less from other sites. Thank you❤️

    May 7, 2021

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