Mini Chandni Plant / Mini Togor Plant / Chinese Togor Plant

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It is known as the Pinwheel flower, Crape Jasmine, or Chinese Togor, the Chandni is a favorite, especially in Bengal and Tamil Nadu. The flowers bloom very finely almost the entire year, and if you walk out now, you will spot them once again in full bloom.

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Mini Chandni Plant / Mini Togor Plant

Crepe jasmine is an exquisite bush deserving of more use. The plentiful blossoms are formed similar to a pinwheel or Mini Chandni Plant giving this plant another of its normal names — pinwheel bloom. For the nursery worker keen on making a wow-commendable evening time garden, crepe jasmine possesses all the necessary qualities with white blossoms that sparkle in the twilight all year.

✪ Plant Name : Mini Chandni Plant / Mini Togor
✪ Plant Type : Flowering Plant
✪ Common Names : Crepe Jasmine, चांदनी फूल, Ṭagara(টগর), Pinwheel flower (பின்வீல் மலர்)
✪ Botanical Name : Tabernaemontana divaricata
✪ Family : Apocynaceae
✪ Synonyms : Crape jasmine, Crepe gardenia, East Indian Rosebay, Adam’s apple
✪ Plant Height : 8inch to 10inch
✪ Pot Size : 4.5inch X 4.5inch X6inch
✪ Difficulty Level : Easy to Grow
✪ Suitable Growing Location : Bright outdoors
✪ Plant Growth Rate : Fast
✪ Required Sunlight : Bright to medium light
✪ Required Watering : Water it when the soil is dry
✪ Maintainance : Low Maintainance
✪ Special Features : Flowering and good sweet Fragrance


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