Money Plant Devil’s Ivy

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Money Plant Devil’s Ivy is famous for its look which is the best air purifier in the indoor plant’s category. The Money Plant is an extremely low – maintenance plant that is ideal for both offices and homes.

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Money Plant Devil’s Ivy

Not a specialist in developing plants? Forget about it. The Money Plant Devil’s Ivy is ideal for you. Including excellent variegations on polished, heart-molded, green leaves, the Money Plant is an incredibly low-support plant that is ideal for the two homes and workplaces.

✪ Plant Name : Money Plant Devil’s Ivy
✪ Plant Type : Evergreen Perennials
✪ Common Names : Money Plant, मनी प्लांट डेविल’स इवी , মানি প্লান্ট ডেভিল’স আইভী, மோனே பிளான்ட் டெவில்’ஸ் ஐவி
✪ Botanical Name : Epipremnum aureum
✪ Family : Arums
✪ Synonyms : Dubius
✪ Plant Height : 3.5inch to 4inch
✪ Pot Size : 4.5inch X 4.5inch X4.7inch
✪ Difficulty Level : Easy to Grow
✪ Suitable Growing Location : Bright indoors, shaded outdoors
✪ Plant Growth Rate : Fast
✪ Required Sunlight : Bright indirect sunlight
✪ Required Watering : Water it when the soil is dry
✪ Maintainance : Low Maintainance
✪ Special Features : Air-purifying

Money Plant EssentialsMoney Plant Propagation

Fertilizers: Money Plant is happy with lesser fertilizer. Feed your money plant with organic fertilizers once a month in winters and every two weeks from spring to summer. It is beneficial to use rotten cow dung manure at the time of potting and repotting.

Potting / Repotting: After the money plant has grown well you can repot them in slightly bigger pots when it becomes root-bound and the growth slows down.

Propagation: The money plant is one of the easiest plants to be propagated and it can be done through stem cuttings. Cut the stem in a way, there should have at least one root node in each cutting. You can pot the cuttings in the soil directly or in the water. It grows in both soil and water very efficiently.


Common ProblemsMoney Plant Propagation

Money Plant leaves turning yellow: The main problems of leaves turning yellow are overwatering and direct sunlight. The best is bright indirect sunlight. Adjust your watering schedule and use a well-drained planter to avoid leaves from dying.

Why are Pothos leaves turning brown: Browing leaves are caused by various reasons like overwatering, direct too much sunlight, and sometimes in the worst case, it is caused by root rot.



Style & DecorMoney Plant Propagation

Location: The best location to grow money plants is warm spots with indirect sunlight. So, pick your location according to that. You can keep your money plant indoors in your living room or kitchen or even on your study table!

Light Requirements: The Money Plant requires bright and indirect sunlight. Bright light boosts the growth of this no-fuss houseplant. Direct harsh sunlight can harm your Money Plant. Indoors, the money plants can also grow in full shade. Low to medium light sometimes leads to beautiful variegations on the leaves.


Benefits of Money PlantMoney Plant Benefits

  1. It is a great air-purifying plant.
  2. It acts as an anti radiator.
  3. It keeps marital problems at bay
  4. It has also medicinal benefits
  5. Many people believe that it brings prosperity and good wealth
  6. It lessens stress & anxiety
  7. It spreads positive vibes
  8. It adds a special touch to the decor
  9. It strained relationships mended
  10. It neutralizes ‘sick building syndrome’

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