Phaemaflora Rose Food – 500gm

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  • Quantity – 1Kg
  • Used For – Gardening
  • Available as powder
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  • Country of origin: India

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Phaemaflora Rose Food

  • Phaemaflora Rose Food should not come in direct contact with the stem, leaves of the plants while applying.
  • After the application of Rose Food, the plants should receive sufficient Water.
  • Water the plants carefully.
  • The plants are lost due to overwatering.
  • keep the soil moist and not wet.
  • After sprinkling Phaemaflora Rose Food it should be always worked into the soil.

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Kindly note the product ordered must be used for the purpose it is for, and not for any other activity. For any act done by buyer which may cause the result of the product use not as per expectations or unsatisfactory results. Seller will not be responsible for such cause item ordered must be used as per instruction if not then follow (necessary online help for protection) like it – ( contain poison) if the product used for any other activities, which harm buyer or his side, “Seller will not be responsible for any such cause happen”.

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