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Premium Quality Potash Fertilizer - 500gm

  • Potash fertilizers are inorganic salts produced mostly in dry form with particle sizes ranging from granular to coarse to fine.
  • It increases root health and disease tolerance for producing high-quality flowering and fruiting.
  • It can boost the growth of plants naturally.
  • it enhances the shine of leaves.

Why use Potash Fertilizer?

It produces high-quality flowering and fruiting by increasing root health and disease tolerance and helping your plants synthesize sugars for use as food. Muriate of Potash is ideal for most plants, trees, gardens, and turf (except for acidic soil loving plants like hydrangeas, azaleas, and rhododendron)

What is Potash Fertilizer?

Potash is mined from large rock formations within the earth’s crust for a 100% natural source of potassium. Provides primary plant nutrients needed by all plants for vigorous growth and as an aid against nutritional diseases. Great for flowers, root vegetables (especially potatoes and carrots), trees, and shrubs.

How to use Potash Fertilizer? (Based on the plant height)

  • 3-4 Leaves come out use 1/2 teaspoon to 1-liter water every 15 days
  • when you will see blooming sign up to full bloom 1-2 teaspoon to 1 liter every 15 days
  • until Blooming complete or harvesting complete use 2/3 tsp to 1-liter water every 15 days
  • and for medium side plant/tree height 1.5 meters you can use 3-4 teaspoons in 2-liter water

Note: Extra dose will burn your plant. don’t use in too small plants.

What are the benefits of Potash Fertilizer?

Granules are easy to spread and provide plants with a good source of potassium and chloride. Helps produce strong, sturdy stalks and colorful blooms. Feeds plants quickly and generates better yield. Especially helpful for rose, bougainvillea, hibiscus, marigold, pansy, dahlia, cosmos, petunia, poppy, sunflower, zinnia.

This fertilizer is a highly concentrated source of potassium; therefore care should be taken not to apply directly to the roots, stems, or foliage. Ideally, this should be mixed with Vermicompost or Cow Manure (as per plant variety and container size) and should be worked into the topsoil and watered thoroughly after application.

  1. It increases skin strength
  2. Plants will still wilt if it gets hot enough; however adequate potassium (K) will increase the plants’ ability to tolerate heat/ drought stress, however, it will not eliminate it.
  3. It increases water retention
  4. It decreases plant stress
  5. It improves resistance to diseases and pests
  6. It improves the quality of flowers and vegetables
Root Development

Root Development

  • Potassium is likewise fundamental for root improvement in plants,
  • which is the reason it’s particularly useful for youthful plants putting down new root frameworks as they subside into their new homes.
  • Nonetheless, phosphorus additionally aid_s root development. On the off chance that your plants need assistance developing a further root framework
Germination process

Overall Plant Development

Potash. Potash, a type of potassium oxide, is essential to plants for the duration of their life cycle. As it’s water solvent and supported the breakdown interaction by soil microscopic organisms, potash is effortlessly consumed by plants and assists them with blossoming and proves to be fruitful.

Plant watering

Increase water retention

  • soil structure additionally impacts soil water maintenance.
  • The most extreme measure of water that a given soil can hold is called field limit, though dirt so dry that plants can’t free the leftover dampness from the dirt particles is supposed to be at a shrinking point.

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