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SAAF is a systemic and contact fungicide that is used to prevent Leaf Spot Blast disease and Rust disease in all Flower & vegetable plants. It is highly effective and helps protect the plant for a lengthy period of time. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

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SAAF Fungicide / SAAF Fungicide Powder

To a gardener, rain is generally a welcome this Singh wet weather and plants are usually a match made in heaven.

However, too much rain on plants provide a breeding ground for various diseases in your garden, excessive wet weather promotes fungal disease on your plans which is of evidence in black spot, round legends on leaves, root rot, stem rot, powdery mildew covering the leaves, curling of the leaves, etc. 

  • SAAF is a scientific combination of Mancozeb which is a contact fungicide of dithiocarbamate group and carbendazim, a systemic fungicide of Benzimidazole carbamate group.
  • SAAF effectively controls fungal diseases by its systemic and contact action.
  • SAAF helps in increasing the production of field crops and vegetables. SAAF is a suitable fungicide for Integrated Pest Management (IPM).
  • SAAF is compatible with commonly used fungicides. It controls Brown leaf spot, Brown Spot, Alternaria leaf spot, Fruit spot, Early blight, Septoria leaf spot on all plants and crops

SAAF Fungicide Content / Composition

Technical content Carbendazim 12% + Mancozeb 63% WP
Dosage 1 gram in 1Ltr Water
Application Type Sprayer

On the other hand, mancozeb is a contact fungicide that remains on the leaves Surface after application and does not penetrate the tissue.

These fungus eyes are usually used for the control of all your diseases or contact fungicide must be present on the leaf surface as a Shield before the disease penetrates the tissue.

What is the SAAF Fungicide usage?

I am trying to help it out and so for the control and prevention of these diseases fungicide

are to be used often in today’s plants.

Basically, fungicides are chemical compounds used to kill parasitic fungi or their Sports.

I am going to talk about SAAF fungicide. How to use this fungicide?  its composition and its benefits 

SAAF is among the most trusted fungicides in India, it is highly effective in preventing these diseases and can be used for both indoor and outdoor commercial farming purposes.

SAAF Fungicide For Plants

Chilli, Grapes, Potato, Ginger, Groundnut, Mango, Paddy, tea, Crucifers, Gourds, etc.

Target Diseases: Fruit rot, Leaf spot, Powdery mildew in Chilli, Anthracnose, Downy mildew, Powdery mildew in Grape, Blast, Collar rot, Dry rot, Leaf spot, Root rot, Tikka leaf in Groundnut, Anthracnose, Powdery mildew in Mango, Blast in Paddy, Black scurf, Early blight, Late blight in Potato and Black rot Blister blight, Dieback, Grey blight Red rust in Tea.

How to use SAAF Fungicide Powder for plants

It is blues in color and in fine powdery form, and for you said you can use one gram or one tablespoon of fungicide in one liter of water and shake well

Now you can spray fungicide to your plants, spray the complete plant and the soil on the pot with fungicide.

You can apply this fungus side once a week or at least twice a month. Also, you can add 1 teaspoon of this with a fungicide to the potting mix to make your plant healthy from the start using this fungus fight for a long time and the result is really good.

SAAF Fungicide Dose Per Acre: 300-400 gm/acre

SAAF Fungicide side effects

There are no side effects of SAAF Fungicide on plants.

SAAF Fungicide online

UPL SAAF Fungicide is available in Market  25gm, 50gm, 100gm. Also, it is very cost-effective and you can buy this with fungicide very low price online if you are interested in buying this product 

Faqs on SAAF Fungicide

1. Is SAAF Fungicide safe?

SAAF has greatly superior rain-fast properties due to its patented manufacturing technology, which makes it a better choice against fungicides in both similar and different chemistries. It is safe and easy for farmers to use, and the results are easy to evaluate.

2. Is SAAF fungicide safe for vegetables?

SAAF 12% WP – 250gm

SAAF is a systemic and contact fungicide that is used to prevent Leaf Spot Blast disease and Rust disease in all vegetable plants. It is highly effective and helps protect the plant for a lengthy period of time.

3. Is SAAF systemic fungicide?

SAAF is a proven & classic fungicide with systemic & contact action. The most trusted & widely used dual mode of action fungicide( systemic and contact) and application helps to protect the plant for a lengthy period of time. SAAF can be used for foliar spray and seed treatment as well.

4. Can SAAF fungicide hurt plants?

Fungicides are pesticides that prevent, kill, mitigate or inhibit the growth of fungi on plants, but they are not effective against bacteria, nematodes, or viral diseases. … Contact fungicides (AKA protectants) are not absorbed by the plant and stick to plant surfaces.

Legal Disclaimer

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