Organic Natural Sand For Plants – 250gm

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The sand can be utilized inside or outside to assist with holding soil dampness and decrease compaction brought about by incessant watering. Perfect, washed silica sand is fantastic for detailing your own cactus soil need to blend in with garden soil to make loamy soil.

✪ Quantity- 1KG ✪ Color- Yellow
✪ Used For – Gardening ✪ Dispatch in 5-7 days
✪ Over 499 Free Delivery ✪ Country of origin: India

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Organic Natural Sand For Plants – 250gm

GardeningCrop Sand has dampness maintenance properties. Adds an incredible look to every pruned plant, terrarium, and indoor nurseries. Particularly appealing with succulents and in rock gardens.

✪ Type : Potting Mixture
✪ Form Factor : Powder
✪ Used For : Gardens, Lawns, Terrace farming, Organic farming, Green House, Agricultural purpose, Flowering, Fruiting and Vegetable Plants, Balcony Gardening
✪ Usage Instructions : Mix with Organic Vermicompost in 3:1 ratio for planting medium

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Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 cm


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