Snake Plant – Green

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A bantam assortment of the acclaimed snake plant family, the Snake Plant Green sports lovely variegated leaves in green in color which is the best air purifier in the indoor plant’s category. It is next to difficult to kill and it’s stiff, upright. Its reduced size settles on it a great decision for office work areas and little spaces.

✪ Quantity- 1pc ✪ Color- Green
✪ Used For – Decor Purpose ✪ Dispatch in 5-7 days
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Snake Plant – Green

Probably the hardiest plant, the Sansevieria Green, or the Mother-in-law’s tongue, is the best air purifier in the indoor plant class. It’s practically difficult to kill and the solid, upstanding, sword-like green leaves of this plant make her an ideal expansion to your contemporary homes. Use it in your workspace or room to make the air better.

✪ Plant Name : Snake Plant Green
✪ Plant Type : Evergreen Perennials
✪ Common Names : Snake Plant, স্নেক প্লান্ট, स्नेक प्लांट, சனைக்கே பிளான்ட்
✪ Botanical Name : Dracaena Trifasciata
✪ Family : Asparagaceae
✪ Synonyms : Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Golden Hahnii’
✪ Plant Height : 3.5inch to 4inch
✪ Pot Size : 4.5inch X 4.5inch X4.7inch
✪ Difficulty Level : Easy to Grow
✪ Suitable Growing Location : Bright indoors
✪ Plant Growth Rate : Slow
✪ Required Sunlight : Bright to medium light
✪ Required Watering : Water it when the soil is dry
✪ Maintainance : Low Maintainance
✪ Special Features : Air-purifying

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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 12.7 × 25 cm


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