Natural Neem Wood Hair Comb For Men & Women (Set of 2)

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Natural Neem Wood Hair Comb For Men & Women (Set of 2)

In this combo pack, you will get two wood hair combs, one of them is a regular all-purpose comb, and the other is a wide-tooth wooden hair comb.

The wooden filaments work extraordinary to condition your hair. As you brush, the normal oils from your scalp coat your hair down to the closures. Wooden brushes assist with conveying oil from your scalp to your hair.


  • Ideal For: Men & Women
  • Set: Combo Set
  • Color: Wooden
  • Material: Wood
  • Type: Neem Wood Hair Comb
  • Suitable Hair Type: All types of hair
  • Teeth Features: Smoothened tips and edges, Neem Wood Combs are handcrafted, They are eco-friendly and non-toxic, It will not harsh on your hair.
  • Comb Application: Styling and grooming
  • Comb Set Contents: All-Purpose Comb, Wide Tooth Comb

The Neem wood hair comb is reasonable for all hair types whether slick or dry, it makes your hair strong. Fine tooth wooden brush helps to reduce split ends. The wooden filaments work incredibly to condition your hair. Wooden brushes assist with disseminating oil from your scalp to your hair.

The Neem wood look-over is appropriate for all hair types whether sleek or dry, it keeps up with the strength of hair. The brush Provides normal antibacterial impact with each stroke and helps to reduce dandruff. The brush is hand-tailored from neem wood, it is a miracle plant and known for its enemy of septic properties. It also helps to reduce hair fall as it is made of organic material. It is easy to carry and easily washable and very well for your hair growth.

Top benefits: This Neem Wood Hair Comb for Men & Women: The hand-tailored brush made of Neem Wood doesn’t deliver any friction-based electricity and forestalls balding because of fascination.

It’s way preferable and better over the normally accessible plastic brushes, ideal for scalp back rub, and suits all hair types independent old enough and sexual orientation.

The organic wood hair comb helps in: Removing dandruff and dead skin cells Reducing hair fall, irritated scalp issues, and Promoting Hair Regrowth Improving Blood Circulation and Nourishing Hair Combing, Massaging, and Setting All types of Hair Antibacterial, Antifungal, and causes no unfavorably susceptible response The Divine, Multipurpose Neem Neems’ different cures are pretty much as old as 5000 years.

Within excess of 130 unique Biologically Active Compounds, Neem is viewed as a Powerful Immunostimulant. From getting neuromuscular agonies cleaning blood, forestalling a few harms to restoring ulcers, Neem can obliterate the disease-causing microscopic organisms, advancing fast mending For hair and scalp. it’s exceptionally helpful as a chemical. Moreover, it makes the hair follicles more grounded, adding to diminished going bald and Healthy Hair Growth.

About this item

  • Handcrafted from Neem Wood. Neem is a wonder plant, recognized for its medicinal properties
  • Genuine neem wood
  • Fine toothed – suitable for styling – Non-static
  • 100% natural – Eco-friendly and Hair friendly
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Wooden Comb
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Neem Wood wide tooth comb

Natural Neem Wood Hair Comb For Men & Women (Set of 2)

179.00499.00 (-64%)

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