• Live Plants

    Live Plants (5)

    We frequently don't think to purchase plants on the web. Yet, imagine a scenario where we reveal to you that you would now be able to arrange the most wonderful plants directly from home. GardeningCrop presents a wide scope of Live Plants that can be purchased online in India. Our online nursery assortment incorporates Annual Flowers, Aromatic and Aquatic Plants,…
  • Seeds

    Seeds (66)

    There are a lot of benefits of growing plants from seeds. If you have started your home garden or planning to so start, then you need varieties of flowers and vegetable seeds at a very affordable price.
  • Gardening Pots

    Gardening Pots (23)

    Pots/planters or containers in any form are the hot favorites of gardeners worldwide. They save a lot of space and look extremely beautiful and eye-catchy. Make your home colourful with our colourful gardening pots.
  • Soil & Fertilizer

    Soil & Fertilizer (23)

    The Soil can not provide nutrients to plants all the time. To provide extra growth to your plants you need to apply organic fertilizers. Here you will get the list of all fertilizers.
  • Plant Care

    Plant Care (15)

    Caring for both indoor and outdoor plants is most important. Every garden needs good plant care supplies to help the plants survive, grow properly, and look visually appealing.
  • Gardening stones pebbles

    Gardening stones pebbles (12)

    Just like every beautiful house can do with a little extra help, so can your garden. Pebbles bring your garden to life and add to its beauty. Use colourful stones and pebbles to decorate your plant's pots.
  • Gardening Accessories

    Gardening Accessories (5)

    Gardening is incomplete without maintaining that plant. For maintaining plants, one needs excellent quality tools and accessories. Here you will get all types of gardening tools and kits at a very affordable price.
  • Offers

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    This is the offers section of GardeningCrop. In this section, you will get all types of offers on seeds, pots, fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides of plants.